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Ryan SmithThe team was founded in 2014 by team principal/driver Ryan Smith.

Ryan was first introduced to the world of Truck Racing as a child. His father was the Chief Mechanic at the highly successful Translitre Truck Racing Team in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This ignited a deep flame within Ryan to one day compete himself in this awesome thunderous sport.

Ryan as he grew older developed his talents as a driver Karting and having an active interest in performance cars.
Later he led successful campaign’s in various British Drift Championships which further honed his driver control skills much to his enjoyment.

2014 was to be his breakthrough year though in which he was to finally dip his toe into his ultimate dream of Truck Racing.
He purchased an old ex works DRT Sisu SL250 to compete in the British Division 2 Truck Racing Championship. Ryan stunned the crowds in this inaugural year of Truck Racing as a rookie ultimately securing 2nd place in his first ever year of Truck Racing just missing out on the top stop.

2015 saw him make a bold move up to the highly competitive world of the Division 1 Truck Racing in Britain.
He quickly gained a reputation for his aggression and dedicated discpline to win ! Instantly becoming a fan favourite with his searing speed and flair once in the lead, renown also for his incredible generosity giving away numerous trophies to the huge surprise of Junior fans, a gesture previously unseen before in the sport.

Ryan secured 3rd place in the British Division 1 Championship during the 2015 year with an incredible 23 podiums overall, 10 fastest laps and 5 pole positions.

2015 also saw him make his debut in the ETRC championship which he thoroughly enjoyed and thrived against a further step up in challenging competition against some huge budgeted completion.

2016 was to be a complete breakthrough year for Ryan though as he won the British Division 1 Championship and firmly cemented his name in truck racing history ! An extremely special moment in his racing career and the team’s history. Ryan also led a very successful year in the European Truck Racing Championship in partnership with Oxxo Racing securing 11th overall in the ETRC the highest British placing in the championship for many years.

2017 saw a repeat of 2016 securing a second grand slam of the U.K. Division 1 title firmly stamping his mark as the most talented new driver the championship has seen in some time leading the year with relatively unchallenged dominance. Again securing 11th place overall with Oxxo also in the 2017 ETRC Race.

2018 so far has been another breath taking year for Ryan as he currently dominates once again the title race for the British Division 1 Championship Race. He has had his most successful year to date in the ETRC also, but the decision was made halfway through the year to relax the ETRC campaign and focus on 2019 to return as a completely independent outfit as our best shot at challenging for the ETRC title with our destiny solely in our hands.

This incredible story has only just begun.

We’re blessed to have an amazing small family team of superbly talented individuals that share the same desire and hunger to put on a show and win ! Setting a new standard in Truck Racing.

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